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Roller Clutches

Roller Clutch Operation

Roller Clutch Overview:

Tiny-Clutch Roller Clutches are miniature roller and cam type overrunning clutches. They are compact units designed to be incorporated in the customer's equipment. The proven cam and roller principle provides long trouble free service. The clutch has near zero backlash & allows high overrunning speeds. These units are ideal for machines requiring Overrunning, Backstopping, Freewheeling or One Way capability such as inclined conveyors, tape and film drives, riveters, stampers etc.

Roller Clutch Bennefits:

Helander Products offers three lines of Roller Clutches:

D-Series Roller Clutches are a robust line of one way clutches featuring positive drive with near zero backlash, low overrunning torque and tolerant of high overrunning speeds.

CR-Series Roller Clutches are captured roller and cam assemblies that function the same as our D-Series but which are installed in your housing.

A-Series Roller Clutches are a single revolution style roller clutch which can be mechanically activated to selectively couple a continuously rotating member and a driven shaft. They feature fast response, positive torque transmission, with powerful driving characteristics.

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